Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Halloween Pumpkin Contest



Halloween has returned to stay with us forever. Without even realizing, this feast is celebrated every year with more and more intensity, and you can attend many terrified parties in any city.

But do not think that Halloween is a modern and fashionable party. It is a celebration of Celtic origin with more than 3000 years old. Nowadays we associate Halloween with candy and costumes, but Celtics were dressed in the skins of slaughtered animals to drive away the demons.

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The English department of our institute has organized a Halloween pumpkin contest, and as you can see in the below pictures, There are some wonderful artists among our students. Moreover, there were  some funny activities in the multiuse room and in the library. You can see some pictures in the gallery.

Did you know how the English people call the carved pumpkins?  They are call Jack-o-lantern. Be careful and stay away from witches and serial murderers.

Queremos mencionar de forma particular la participación en estas actividades de todos los integrantes del aula de Educación Especial, tanto las profesoras Encarni y Chon, como los alumnos Juan y  Eva (que consiguió el tercer premio en el concurso de calabazas de Haloween). Enhorabuena a tod@s ellos. En la siguiente galería podéis ver fotos de estas actividades

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